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Student Mobility Programmes
The School takes part in the national SICUE-SENECA mobility programmes as well as in different International mobility programmes: Erasmus and International Mobility Agreements with universities mainly from the United States and Latin America.
 SICUE Exchange –  Séneca grants
The Exchange System among Spanish Universities (SICUE) gives students the opportunity to complete an academic course at any of the Spanish universities that has signed an agreement with the School.
This exchange programme is available for undergraduate students who have completed 90 credits, and are enrolled in at least 30 credits, as well as for those studying for a Diploma, who have completed at least 30 credits and are enrolled in 30 credits. Regarding Degree courses, candidates must have completed at least 60 credits, and must be enrolled in 30 more credits
Students who are joining a mobility programme through the SICUE programme, may apply for a Séneca Grant of the Ministry of Education.
Erasmus and International Mobility Agreements
Students may complete an academic year at a foreign university that has a bilateral agreement with the School.
Nowadays, the School has signed Erasmus agreements with more than 60 universities from 16 European countries which make it possible for students to complete their studies in six different languages (English, French, Italian, German, Greek and Portuguese).
In addition to the Erasmus exchanges, which are specific programmes for students in the School, the University of Oviedo has also signed cooperation agreements with universities, mainly American, in order to develop programmes to exchange students, which are usually open to different degrees.

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