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Companies and institutions can offer internships for students by signing an Educational Cooperation Agreement with the University of Oviedo. This Agreement defines the relationship between Companies and the University for the practical training of students.

Procedure to formalize the Educational Cooperation Agreement 

1. The company or institution must send an email to the Internship Unit (Gestión de prácticas externas) of the Vice-Rector's Office for Students (practicasexternas@uniovi.es) indicating their interest in formalizing an Agreement for internships. The contact telephone number is +34.985.10.41.05

2. The internship unit will inform the company about all the required procedures:

  • Registration in the internship management platform of the University of Oviedo through the webpage
  • Submit a copy of the CIF (ID for companies) that identifies the company (by email to the address  practicasexternas@uniovi.es or by ordinary mail).
  • Once the information is received, the internship unit will send the company or institution the Standard Agreement Form, which must be returned (two copies) duly completed, signed and in a sealed envelope by post to:  
    • Universidad de Oviedo, Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes
    • Unidad Ayudas y Convenios
    • C/ González Besada, 13, primera planta, 33007, Oviedo
  • Digital signatures are accepted.
  • Once the Agreement is received, and signed by the Vice-Rector's Office for Students, the company or institution is notified that it may publish the internships. A copy of the signed agreement will be sent to the company.

3. The internship is offered through the internship management application (https://sies.uniovi.es/psemp/web/login.faces) with the profile and access code provided by the internship unit.

4. Once the internship is registered, the internship section of the School of Economics and Business will confirm and publish it for students to apply, who must register before the set deadline. Among the registered candidates, the School makes a preselection according to the criteria established by the University, and the companies or institutions finally select the candidate.

5. Any queries should be emailed to practicasexternas@uniovi.es (questions related to the agreement model) or  fac.econo@uniovi.es  (questions related to the management of internships)

Internship program 


- These are included in the student's academic record.

- The number of hours depends on the degree and can be compulsory or optional for the student:

  •     Business Administration: 240 (optional)
  •     Economics: 240 (optional)
  •     Labour Relations and Human Resources: 240 (optional)
  •     Accounting and Finance: 175 (compulsory)

- The company must assign a tutor to coordinate the student's activities in the company. At the end of the internship, this tutor must prepare a FINAL REPORT, following the standard model, where the activities carried out will be scored from 0 to 10. The original report must be sent to the university tutor or to the internship unit of the School of Economics and Business. Digitally signed documents will also be accepted.

- The student's final grade is calculated as the sum of 80 percent of the business tutor's grade and 20 percent of the grade assigned by the university tutor for the Final Report presented by the student.


  • They are not included in the student's academic record.
  • The number of hours per academic year should preferably not exceed 600 hours. The student can carry out curricular internships and add extracurricular ones to extend their internship in the company.
  • Students end their relationship with the University of Oviedo when they reach the number of credits necessary to complete their undergraduate studies. In the event of a student doing extracurricular internships, in that case he/she would no longer be considered a student at the University of Oviedo, and therefore the insurance subscribed to cover the internship period will have terminated.

Internship development 

The conditions of the internships are developed through a Training Project that must be signed by the student, the company tutor, the academic tutor and the person in charge of the Internship Program of the School of Economics and Business.

Companies or institutions may make a financial contribution or financial support, which should be paid directly to the student by the company. The amount of this financial support must be stated in the Training Project and, under no circumstances, will it be considered remuneration or payment for the activity carried out, as there is no contractual relationship. Such a financial support will not be similar in concept or amount to that provided for in the established remuneration system of the company or institution.

The host company or institution may terminate the internship if the student does not comply with his/her obligations, having previously notified the School's internship unit fac.econo.practicas@uniovi.es

The tutor of the company or institution receive an acknowledging his work as tutor to a student, from the University of Oviedo.

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